Do people actually notice well-written web content?

This is the big question – and the answer?

No. They don’t. And that’s just how it should be, for it means the writing is quietly going about it’s task of informing and/or persuading your customer or prospect, without drawing attention to itself in any way, distracting the reader. However, unprofessional, poorly written content is a totally different matter: it’s invasive, pulling your prospect’s attention away from your message. How can I trust a business incapable of getting this most basic aspect right, the prospect thinks, and flicks to a competitor’s more professional site.

People don’t, but Google certainly does

While no person might be aware of well-written content, one critically important entity most certainly is: and that is Google. Various algorithm changes since 2011 mean that websites have to work much harder if they want to rank high in the SERPS (search engine results pages). One of several major factors Google looks for is sites that offer value through original, meticulously researched, accurate, informative, professionally written content.

Therefore it’s essential to have input from an experienced, professional writer who understands the intricacies of writing web content designed to make Google happy.

And this is where Australian-based SEO-Savvy Content Creators comes in: director Rosemary Ann Ogilvie is a widely published writer with experience in many fields who understands Google’s current requirements and can apply them to your content. Whether your business is a member of the elite S&P/ASX 200, or a one-person enterprise operating from home, Rosemary can work with you, providing options ranging from editing existing text right up the scale to creating original content and articles for company blogs, or postings for social media, targeted to your customer base. So contact us now to see how we can help you delight Google – we’d love to hear from you.

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