Prepare for the Long Haul

Achieving a High Search Engine Ranking Takes Time and Effort

It’s critical that your content writers understand the ramifications of Google’s algorithm changes so your site is never relegated to “black hat” status.

And it’s equally critical to understand that even when you do everything in your power to comply with Google’s requirements, achieving top ranking won’t occur overnight, especially with a new website.

Accept that it will take time and effort – and this applies even to sites that have been in existence for a while, as a website’s age is one key factor that comes into play with SERPS. Other key factors are authority, value and relevancy, so sites that have been in existence for a few years and proven their value will always edge out recently established sites still to show their value.

Just keep plugging away by building your authority and ensuring you provide maximum value to site visitors, something original, thoroughly researched, error-free, and informative and frequently updated content can help you achieve.

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